Small Animal Emergency and Critical Care

This 2 day course in small animal veterinary emergency and critical care will focus on important initial care for dogs and cats after trauma or suffering from dyspnea. Presentations will be case-based and show attendees that good results can often be achieved with minimal resources. Theory will be mixed with practical training in Point of Care Ultrasound and CPR. It is our goal that attendees after this course will feel confident working with patients presenting in an emergency setting.

Day 1 – You will learn how to:

  • preform triage and how to handle a busy emergency service
  •  effectively asses and treat patients after trauma
  • which blood parameters are helpful in patients after trauma
  • effectively treat trauma patients with fluids
  • handle cases with traumatic brain injury
  • perform CPCR according to international RECOVER guidelines

You will be exposed to critical care cases and trained in handling them effectively together with other individuals in your team. This includes hands-on CPCR

Day 2 – You will learn how to:

  • assess patients with breathing difficulties focusing on grading and breathing patterns
  • perform and interpret arterial blood gases and pulsoximetry
  • treat modalities like sedation, oxygen treatment, thoracocentesis and placing thoracostomy tubes
  • Point of Care ultrasound of lungs and the thorax
  • localise the cause problem of respiratory cases

Attendees will get a chance to train Point of Care ultrasound techniques on live dogs

Course Fee:

Vets  – 5000 NOK

Nurse  –  3500 NOK

Includes: Lectures, Course Notes, Refreshments, Lunch & Dinner on Friday Evening


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(Approx. 0.00 €) + VAT (includes lecture, course notes, refreshments and lunch)