Making the most of your Ophthalmic Skills – CANCELLED

A practical and interactive 2 day course with the aim to provide an overview of common ophthalmic conditions concentrating on the front of the eye.

This will start with a revision of the ophthalmic examination with an emphasis on tips to get the most from your observations using equipment readily available in general practice.

A practical element will allow delegates to use the equipment discussed under the guidance of an RCVS Specialist in Veterinary Ophthalmology.

A session on the principles of ophthalmic surgery will be included together with ocular therapeutics. Conditions affecting the eyelids – including both medical and surgical cases will be covered.

On day 2 there will be a focus on the cornea before delegates are given ample opportunity to practice the surgical techniques – such as procedures for entropion, eyelid tumour removal, superficial keratectomy and conjunctival grafting.

The small group means that each delegate will get one to one time with the tutor.

To finish the course there will be a brief summary of ocular emergencies and how to approach them successfully.

Key Learning Objectives
By the end of this course delegates should have a good understanding of:-
·         How to perform an effective ophthalmic examination
·         How to describe ophthalmic abnormalities
·         Recognise which therapeutic agents are appropriate to use for which condition
·         Understand medical and surgical conditions affecting the eyelids
·         Gain confidence in the correct diagnosis and treatment for corneal disease
·         Surgical preparation and instrument choice
·         How to approach the surgical ophthalmic patient
·         How to successfully perform eyelid surgery such as entropion and eyelid tumour removal
·         Indications for and how to perform a superficial keratectomy
·         How to do a conjunctival graft in general practice
·         Understand genuine ophthalmic emergencies

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